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Known for being reckless and single-minded, they were perfectly suited to fill the Commonwealth's front lines.

Wyrms are a race from Pyre.


Relatively intelligent amphibians, known for their chivalry, hot tempers, and reckless determination. Most Wyrms are thin and single toned, and appear to either have a stone-like or scaly hide. They have one large eye, despite their Raiment masks always having two eye holes. They come in a wide range of colors and some, like Sir Deluge, appear to even have hair.

Wyrms originate from the Sea-Dominion, they are adapted to constant war and struggle for survival. Some wyrms come to the Commonwealth to seek glory, and the Commonwealth puts them to use as disposable front-line units.


Rites Powers[]

  • Slash: Detonates his Aura-trail and snaps back to its end.
  • Jump: Leaps high enough to evade adversaries' Auras.
  • Slither: Surges forward at a high speed.

Wyrms are an infiltrator class. Their small size and high speed makes them designed for slipping past the opponent's defenses and into their pyre. They're similar to Curs, but sacrifice having a ranged aura cast for even more speed.



Depths of the Sea-Sojourner

Mastery Icon Name Effect Position
Skill icon respawn.png Valiant Return If you and your allies are banished, you instantly return to the battlefield. Top
Skill icon taunt.png Stunning Claim Once per round after saluting, freeze all exiles (including your own) for three seconds. Left
Skill icon speed.png Heroic Stand When your allies are banished, move faster and acquire infinite stamina. Right
Skill icon pyredamage.png Seized Chance After banishing an adversary, for 10 seconds deal an extra 10 damage to the adversary's Pyre. Bottom


Tactics of the Underking

Mastery Icon Name Effect Position
Skill icon aura.png Avenging Aid Return an ally instantly after banishing an adversary. Top
Skill icon cast.png Quick Draw Allows you to use Slash twice. Upon the second activation, you return to your previous position. Left
Skill icon banishment.png Greater Cleave Slash radius increases. Right
Skill icon stamina.png Vigorous Slash Instantly recover all stamina after using Slash. Bottom

Known Wyrms[]

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