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Volfred Sandalwood
Volfred sprite.png
The Plan Maker
Astral Sign
Casius (Means "Contemplative and Passionate". Born on the 21st of Sixthmoon)
Years Exiled
Tariq (friend)
Bertrude (friend)
Ti'zo (friend)
Oralech ('kindred spirits')
Voiced by
Cyrus Nemati

Volfred Sandalwood is one of the characters in the game Pyre.

Roster bio[]

The Plan Maker[]

He is a long-standing exile of the Nightwings who seeks more than his own freedom.


By day, he was an unassuming history professor. By night, he operated a small but illegal stamping-press of his own design, which he used to disseminate provocative ideas concerning how a truly peaceful Commonwealth might look. When his underground press was at last discovered, it was publicly destroyed. Eventually he, too, was found, and cast down. In the Downside, he was taken in by the Nightwings, who sought someone with his experience. Since then, he hatched a long-term Plan to recruit like-minded individuals who might stand together to usher in a new age for the Commonwealth.


He is first presented as a mysterious figure: the Lone Minstrel's client, Hedwyn's informant, and leader of the Nightwings. When he finally meets the Nightwings in Wakingwood, he attempts to relieve the Reader of their duties, but Hedwyn stands up for them. Volfred acquiesces and lets them continue to guide the Rites. He later says he only expected the Reader to leave because he thought they already knew that they have no chance of liberation.

When the Nightwings reach Mount Alodiel, Volfred gives a rousing speech about freedom, and reveals the Plan, which involves the current exiles, following their liberation, meeting on the other side to begin a revolution and overthrow the Commonwealth.

Volfred is scholarly and often chats with the Reader about the Book of Rites. He also possesses Reading powers, such as mental communication and mind-reading. He earned his exile by operating his Stamping-Press to spread literature under a pseudonym. Bertrude was his accomplice, providing him with fire-proof printing material. Eventually his printing press was burned down. He managed to evade capture for longer, but eventually he was caught and exiled to the Downside. There, he was found by the Nightwings, which at the time comprised of Erisa, Ti'zo and Oralech. That was when he first developed the Plan.

When he lost both Erisa and Oralech, he lost his faith in the Scribes and his hopes for the Plan, so he disavowed the rites and had the Blackwagon buried. He went into hiding in Wakingwood, where he coordinated with his network of agents in the Commonwealth. Years later, he was ready to reform the Nightwings and put his plan back into action. Initially, he does not participate in the Rites, but after the Nightwings learn that the cycle of rites are ending, he decides it is necessary to don the raiments again.

When Oralech challenges the Nightwings, Volfred is initially shocked since he assumed Oralech had died. Oralech believes that Volfred plotted to push him off Mount Alodiel, and Volfred cannot convince him otherwise. Volfred is saddened that Oralech has changed and become so bitter.

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Volfred is a staunch advocate of peaceful revolution. If he is liberated, he prevents the most violent ending from occuring, though it is still possible for the Highwing Remnants to attack. In the Commonwealth he reunites with his agents, and leads a peaceful march to the streets. He ends up elected as the Sahrian Union's first Prime Minister and leads the nation through its fledgeling years.

If he is not liberated, he spends his time spreading literacy in the Downside and publishing a periodical for Downside residents.

If he and Oralech are not separated, they eventually make amends.


For his masteries, see Saps.


  • Glory: 25
  • Quickness: 6
  • Presence: 21
  • Hope: 13

Volfred's unique talisman is Lu's Bough, which lets him Blink further than usual.


  • "I took issue with the Commonwealth. The ban on literacy. The interminable wars against the Highwing Remnants. I spread the truth about it all, with my machine."
  • "The Nightwings sail the skies again, wheresoever the stars may call for them."


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