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The Vagabond
Vagabond sprite.png
The Moontouched
The Faithful Drifter
Astral Sign
Scorpus (Means "Driven and Fixated". Born on the 19th of Eleventhmoon)
Years Exiled
Jodariel (friend)
Almer (friend)
Ti'zo (friend)
Voiced by
Jamie Landrum

The Vagabond is an exile who joins your party. She has difficulty remembering her actual name and as a player you have a wide selection of names to choose. All she remembers is that it rhymes with the word "Gray" which describes her hair colour.

Name variants

  • Bae the Bloodless
  • Chae the Changeling
  • Dae the Dense
  • Fae the Fair
  • Gae the Gray
  • Kae the Unkempt
  • Lae the Lonely
  • Mae the Moon-Touched
  • Nae the Nuisance
  • Rhae the Wretched
  • Shae the Shoddy
  • Tae the Tattle
  • Xae the Poxy
  • Zhae the Zealous

Roster Bio

The Faithful Drifter

She is a young vagabond with an odd manner and an unshakeable sense of curiosity.


She appears to be a vagabond, who has wandered the Downside for sometime, and has somehow managed to get by. Her simple and sincere demeanor suggests she likely was shunned in the Commonwealth, and would have been considered a savage by the standards there. She seems unusually interested in the legends of the Eight Scribes.


She was a special child, left abandoned, and despite her seemingly simple nature she possessed a strange affinity for the Old Ways. One day, she was taken in by the authorities, and when she revealed her fixations about the Scribes, she was deemed witless. And when no one claimed responsibility for her she was cast into exile. In the Downside, she has wandered aimlessly in search of more clues about the legendary heroes who so fascinate her.


She joins your party by hitching herself to your wagon as you go through Jomuer Valley, when she's discovered, Hedwyn and Jodariel take her in and welcome her. Initially Jodariel told her to not touch the raiments, but during the match against the Fate she puts on the raiments and shows herself capable of conducting the Rites. The other three Nightwings then let the Reader decide which one of them will sit out of the match. Later, she uses the Nightwings sigil and her aura to fend off a howler attack in the night.

When facing the Fate, she is very curious about Almer and wants to be friends with him. She instantly bonds with Ti'zo when he rejoins the Nightwings. She also considers the Blackwagon her close companion and calls it "Little Brother". She is very spiritual, and can speak directly with the Scribes.

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If she is liberated, she speaks to the crowds about the Scribes with such conviction and sincerity that they are moved. In the Sahrian Union, she joins the Eighth Word and continues to spread the words of the Scribes.

If she is not liberated, she takes to wandering the Downside, paying homage to the Scribes.


For her masteries, see Savage.


  • Glory: 20
  • Quickness: 16
  • Presence: 10
  • Hope: 21

Her unique talisman is Khaylmer's Anklet, which makes her aura bounce off surfaces.

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