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The legendary leader of the wyrms' undersea crusades sought to reach the edge of the abyss.
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Underking Ores, known as the Sea-Sojourner, and the Wyrm Scribe. He wears the legendary bladed mail, Silverfish.

Underking Ores wrote the fifth chapter of the Book of Rites.


After he was exiled, he was joined by numerous wyrm-knights, and inadvertently awoke the blood-titan Endriga the Widow whilst searching the murky depths of the Sea of Solis. She vowed four ages of torment upon he and his Sea-Dominion. The following battle lasted for days and days and days then, ending in victory with only the Wyrm Scribe left to tell the tale.

He then soon heard tale of Endriga's sister, the sea-titan Plurnes, and voyaged to defeat her, ignoring her monstrous reputation among anyone whom has traveled by sea. He made it his life's mission, in fact. So much so that -- upon drawing out the terrifying Plurnes -- he sailed the remains of the doomed ship Dazraban straight through her heart. This resulted in a massive explosion, leaving the Underking to be the only survivor of a titan's demise yet again.

It was only after those great battles that Ores first met the Scribes. They were traveling through the Sea of Solis and trespassed through his waters, and naturally, his brave Wyrm blood urged him forth to fight. But then he laid eye upon Soliam Murr in the flesh, and relented, soon joining their ranks.

Upon the creation of the Nine Triumvirates, the Underking Ores formed The Pyrehearts. His is the bravest, most spirited triumvirate, full of vigor with hearts bigger than their bodies. For Ores, a life devoid of passion is a life devoid of life itself. This concept lives on through those who are recruited into his Pyrehearts.

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