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Triesta Tithis, known as the Blessed-Born, and the Harp Scribe of the eight Scribes. She wields the Holy Scepter of the Sahrian Empire.

Triesta Tithis wrote the eighth chapter of the Book of Rites.


Tithis, the Harp Scribe, was the one to fell the nightmare-titan Xilvias Horse-Headed; so powerful and chaotic was her presence that it lit the lands of Black Basin aflame. Thankfully, Triesta calmed those fires by slaying the titan with her holy scepter, leaving but the bittersweet realization that she could not bear her children here as she had hoped.

This instilled her image as being one of peace. While Soliam Murr introduced the Rites of Flame, Triesta was perhaps the first to ponder what happens after. Whenst one is free of the Downside, is one truly free? She found that prevalent acts of mercy -- such as the one by Gol Golathanian and Ha'ub the Swallow given to Soliam Murr -- was the only true step toward freedom. And so she envisioned a future; one of a merciful society, where all could be free.

Upon the creation of the Nine Triumvirates, Triesta Tithis formed The Essence. The matriarch of this clan, she was, a clan of Harps such as herself. All sharing a common ancestor with the men and women of the empire, who are all but Harps who've relinquished their wings. This, of course, caused a disconnect between the winged and the wingless. A disconnect which she wished to repair. For in the Downside, they are united. And that is is the spirit of The Essence.

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