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Tizo sprite.png
The Little Watcher
Astral Sign
Torvand (Means "Steady and Collected". Born on the 13th of Fifthmoon)
Ha'ub (great-grandfather)
Moontouched Girl (friend)
Tariq (friend)
Volfred (friend)
Oralech (friend)
Lendel (enemy)
Voiced by
Courtney Vineys

Ti'zo is one of the characters in Pyre. He is a Drive-Imp who eventually joins the Nightwings.

Roster bio

The Little Watcher

He is a venerable drive-imp who seems to know the ins and outs of the Nightwings' blackwagon.


Imps are known for having superior appetites but not for having much in the way of intellect. This particular imp defies all such common understanding, and seems to be deeply connected to the blackwagon of the Nightwings, and, perhaps, the Rites themselves. You and he quickly formed an understanding.


There are a lot of imps in the Downside, but few, if any, are like this one. In fact, he seems to be descended from the most famous imp of them all. Ti’s is older than he appears, and drove the blackwagon of the Nightwings for many years, learning much about the Rites while traveling with the triumvirate. But, when misfortune fell, he disappeared. He re-emerged years later, having become an integral part of Volfred’s Plan, and to serve as a liaison between Volfred and a certain band of exiles whom he entrusted.


Ti'zo is first encountered after the Moontouched Girl fends off the howler attack. The Reader is able to understand him, and he joins the Nightwings. He bonds with the Moontouched Girl, and he has a particular affinity for fish. He builds a nest in the Blackwagon which wards off any more howlers.

When the Nightwings make it to Wakingwood, Ti'zo recognizes Volfred and leaps into his arms in joy. It turns out that Ti'zo had been a part of the Nightwings before it disbanded, and that he is a descendent of Ha'ub himself.

When the Nightwings reencounter the Accusers, Lendel bears an especially great hatred towards Ti'zo, because he specifically resents the imp for scoring the final point in his old liberation rite and costing him his chance to go free.

When the Nightwings encounter Oralech, Ti'zo tries to ask him to stand down to no avail. Oralech had once mended his broken horn that he wears a bandage around.

If Ti'zo is liberated, he is the first Imp to gain liberation through the Rites, and becomes an icon of the uprising since people in the Commonwealth have never seen a creature like him. If he remains in the Downside, Tariq entrusts the Blackwagon to him, and he spends his days with his friends and fellow imps.


For his masteries, see Imps.


  • Glory: 15
  • Quickness: 10
  • Presence: 17
  • Hope: 19

Ti'zo's unique talisman is Ha'ub's Wing. It gives him greater stamina in flight.

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