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Hovertext: About the founding principles of the exile groups who shall forever conduct the Rites.

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In the Words of Ha-ub the Swallow, the Accursed

Page 127 - Nine Triumvirates[]

At first I found it much too difficult, to read, much less to write, even to grasp the quill. But, the horned one, Murr, implored me. He said this is the greatest gift that he could give me in return.

In return for what, I asked? In return for his life, he said. But, I did not save your life, I said. You did, he said. We fight about this still. Murr is stubborn, more than I.

Now, herein, and by his leave, I chronicle the nine triumvirates. For I am of this land, unlike the rest, who wish to leave.

We knew not everyone could leave who wanted. Seldom would the opportunity arise. Thus did we organize those striving for the chance into nine sets of three.

Page 129 - The Accusers[]

The Accusers formed under Golathanian. He is a big man. He values justice, loyalty, steadfastness.

Golathanian, he says that the Accusers take their name from one of his most accomplished legions, from his former military days. All among them, in fact, served the Master-General at one time.

They represent the stoutest-hearted men and women of the Empire, who held true, to Murr and Golathanian, to the end.

The golden colors of their raiments are reminiscent of their old shining armor, is his claim. Ever shall they seek out those with the truest spirits and the strongest sense of purpose to replenish their ranks.

Page 131 - The Fate[]

The Fate united under Many-Mane the Alpha Chief. He is brash, but follows his traditions. He prizes faith, discipline, and honor... qualities he seems to lack, at first.

He formed the Fate under the precepts of olden bylaws of his four-legged ancestors. They believed in a certain natural order in the way of things. Many-Mane wanted for the Fate to likewise show respect.

Initially, he only chose from other curs. He, however, urged the Fate to replenish their numbers from any race or ethnic group thus willing.

Thus shall they anticipate what is to come, with open eyes and minds, and never frown upon what is in store for them.

Page 133 - The Dissidents[]

I, myself, Ha'ub, did form the Dissidents, under this simple tenet: Those who do not belong, belong.

The other Scribes, some of them showed, at first, reluctance to allow an imp (and one accursed) to designate one of the nine triumvirates. But Murr, the horned one, stubborn as he was, stood by my side.

In time, they came to understand. For I remained, as ever, at their side, a living bit of proof of their absurdity.

The Dissidents are an extension of my oddity. Those who do not adhere... they are not to be discarded, underestimated, or dismissed. They are as necessary as are those against whom they rebel.

Page 135 - The Withdrawn[]

The Withdrawn did spawn forth from the Wild Witch, Milithe, in whose vigilant pursuit of the unknown and the unknowable, I always felt a certain kinship.

Whether the Withdrawn were Milithe's kin by blood, or merely worshippers, we trusted one another not to ask, or care. What mattered was that Milithe chose the most audacious minds, who stopped at nothing, short of the impossible.

Though ever-distant, the Withdrawn revealed to us such truths about the land which long lay hidden, even to one such as I.

Their knowledge ever-waking into newfound depths of consciousness, they lead us all to better know ourselves.

Page 137 - The Pyrehearts[]

The Pyrehearts all follow in the path forged by the Underking Ores, whose many, mighty deeds exceed the smallish stature that, somehow, contained him.

His is the most spirited triumvirate, their courage, unfaltering; their hearts, full. They live always with vigor, and, perhaps, they die with it as well. They are the Underking's own kind, as at home above the sea as in it, never ceasing, ever longing, as they do, for something more.

The Underking chose wisely for these qualities, and teaches that a life devoid of passion is a life devoid of life itself.

That burning passion is the fuel that drives the Pyrehearts, and, in turn, us all.

Page 139 - The Essence[]

The winged members of the Essence, each chosen by the Matriarch, Triesta Tithis, are living exemplars of liberty and piety. Would that my wings could be thus!

Once, you of course must know, we all had wings. It is said the men and women of the Empire relinquished theirs, drawn in by earthly matters, as they were. But the harps, such as Triesta, held tight the liberty their plumage could afford.

These divergent paths did cause a share of differences between the winged and the wingless, over time. But here, in this land, our purposes are shared, our goals, united.

That, then, is the Essence. That is who they are, and what, and why.

Page 141 - The Chastity[]

Those bearing the name the Chastity all count themselves disciples of Lu Sclorian, the Hundred-Minds, known firstly for his wisdom, but also cherished for his modesty, integrity, and kinship.

Sclorian's priority, in forming his triumvirate, was to instill in all his subjects a deep-seated deference and respect for the rules governing the liberation cycle.

'The cycle of the Rites needs be respected to be understood; and needs be understood to be respected,' Sclorian said.

Thus, the Chastity are emissaries of the cycle. Should they earn back their liberty, then they shall spread Enlightenment itself, and all of us shall grow.

Page 143 - The Tempers[]

Murr, the horned one, formed the Tempers upon his own ideals. Ingrained in this triumvirate are basic truths about the dual roles of strength and gentleness.

The horned one, he has had a dualistic nature for as long as he and I consider each a friend. The stories I am told about Murr's youth describe no one I know.

All of us are capable of more. I once was an imp that could not write. Murr once was a man that could not think. The Tempers once were ordinary folk.

Now, they rise to greatness, always striving, never overreaching. They are not like Murr, himself. Rather, they are what Murr wished he could be.

Page 145 - The Nightwings[]

What is a life without an adversary? If not for forces that conspire against the will, life would be devoid of its innateness, the desire to overcome.

Thus, when we the Eight at last each fashioned a triumvirate based on our own ideals, we realized a void still needed to be filled, as the night sky needs moonlight.

We Eight were united. Our triumvirates shared our affection. They needed us to set them all against a common foe.

Thus did we form the Nightwings, a triumvirate envisioned to exceed them all, both through means mortal and divine, and given undue favor in each turning of the cycle. They are the adversary we all face.

Page 147 - The Beyonders[]

Note: Page 147 is unlocked by beating The Beyonders in a practice rite .

To call the Beyonders a triumvirate is to stain the others' efforts. Yet, I am beholden to describe them here.

A pack of bandits, loosely organized under the Beyonders, they traveled all this way, into my land, to take the horned one's life. To kill my friend, Murr.

We thwarted them. We had them at our mercy. Mercy had become imperative to Murr. We spared their lives, but banished them to darkness, far beyond these lands.

Now and forever, the Beyonders cling to a beholden duty to confront the true triumvirates, whenever they so choose, so that whenever the true triumvirates clash, it shall be to their fullest extent.

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