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Hovertext: Brief instructions on when, where, and how to commence the Rites.

To unlock: Open the Book for the first time to reveal this page.

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Page 1 - A Formal Welcome Undersigned by the Eight Scribes[]

You, dear Reader, are an exile of the Downside, such as we, the eight who wrote this Book of Rites. That you possess it, and have capacity to glean its words, is testament enough to your potential.

Thus we reveal a path from this forsaken place, to freedom! A homecoming in glory.

The stars themselves shall be your guide. Ere the turning of the year's first solstice, seek the nearest longitude beneath the brightest of eight as they align as shown.

Arrive as a triumvirate, clad in the raiments of the Rites, bearing this Book.

Oblige the voice that tells you more.

Next chapter: The Book of Rites: Emperor's Fall

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