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The Book of Rites is your guide to living in exile and earning back your freedom.


The Book of Rites is divided into nine chapters:

Name Description
Foreword A Formal Welcome Undersigned by the Eight Scribes
I Emperor’s Fall In the Words of Gol Golathanian, the Master-General
II Living In Exile In the Words of Jomuer Many Mane, the Alpha-Chief
III Forsaken Lands In the Words of Molten Milithe, the Wild Witch
IV Celestial Landmarks In the Words of Lu Sclorian Hundred-Minds, the Scholar
V Greater Titans In the Words of Underking Ores, the Sea-Sojourner
VI Rites of Flame In the Words of Soliam Murr, the Last of His Name
VII Nine Triumvirates In the Words of Ha'ub the Swallow, the Accursed
VIII On Commonwealth In the Words of Triesta Tithis, the Blessed-Born
Afterword A List of Terms Which You May Wish to Know


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