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Tariq, the Lone Minstrel
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Voiced by
Darren Korb

Tariq, The Lone Minstrel is a bard who accompanies the Nightwings in their journey. He carries the White Lute with him, wherever he goes.


Tariq is first encountered as a lone, grey figure in the corner of the Blackwagon, silent and un-moving. Hedwyn claims he was there when they found the wagon. Later on he disappears from the wagon, prompting the Nightwings to search for him. Upon finding him, it is clear he is acquainted with Ti'zo and reveals his name. He plays music on his lute at request.

He guides the Nightwings early on, giving the Reader the Beyonder Crystal upon determining their worth, and leading the wagon to Big Bertrude's in order to cross the Sea of Solis and eventually to Volfred Sandalwood, his client.

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When the Rites ended, he and Celeste chronicled the events of the cycle in song, then disappeared, never to be seen again. The lyrics of Bound Together suggests that they returned to the stars where they belong.


Tariq is a soft spoken minstrel carrying a white lute. His eyes are usually closed, but they are bright yellow when open. He is at least as ancient as the Rites, and his origins are unknown. He seems be duty-bound to accompany the Nightwings and preside over Liberation Rites along with Celeste. Although compared to her, he is less stern and less strict about adhering to the traditions of the Rites, and even questions why the Scribes continue to keep them apart. He is very mild mannered and carefully avoids saying anything that might influence the Nightwings in their course of action. According to Volfred, he is actually more cheerful than he used to be.

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