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Soliam Murr, known as the Last of His Name, the First Exile, and the Demon Scribe of the eight Scribes. He possesses the legendary Black Nails of the Fallen Emperor.

Soliam Murr wrote the sixth chapter of the Book of Rites.


As the Emperor of Sahr, Soliam was despised by his people and by his country and many more still. Numerous countries fell under his command, yet he cared not -- not for his people, nor for his legions. He only cared for himself. And his self-centered mindset soon guided him to pursue a treasure called the Celestial Orb. His elder and most trusted aide, Khaylmer Rope-Caller, whispered to him promises of being remembered throughout all history, if only he grasp that orb. Soliam threw aside all his responsibilities to find this precious gift from the stars, and his already fragile country fell in his absence.

A search was organized by Khaylmer to find him, though he did not know. Because he personally heard the hatred of himself from the people of his homeland, and saw with his own eyes the poor shape they were in because of him, and all of this ate at him slowly from the inside-out. The river he was traveling finally claimed him and everything he had, sounding joyous cries across the nation. He was destined to die that day. In his near-final moments, he understood the futility of seeking the Celestial Orb, and understood how terrible his reign over his country.

But he was found by one of his soldiers, Gol Golathanian, and an imp called Ha'ub, who struggled to bring him back from the brink of death. He was half-starved, bleeding, horns sprouting from his head. So Gol had mercy on the now-demon, and in the wake of this act of kindness, Soliam told him,

"You gave your freedom, Master Golathanian, so that I may yet have mine. You, too, now are an exile of the Downside. In all the days which I have left, I never could repay the mercy you have shown me. So, if I cannot do so in this life, then I shall do it in the next."

He also implored the imp to learn how to read and write, as it was the greatest gift he could give in return for Ha'ub saving his life.

And so Soliam now led a new life, as a new man, with a new heart and new soul, and others joined him in his travels across the Downside. He, and these people he gathered, are now known as the Scribes.

Upon the creation of the Nine Triumvirates, Soliam Murr formed The Tempers. Based in his experiences as an emperor and a scribe, the truths about the duality of strength and gentleness was instilled in his triumvirate. He held a strong belief that anyone could change for the better, and even ordinary folk could become extraordinary. The Tempers are always to strive for greatness, and always strive to better themselves.

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