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Also called the 'moon-touched', they proved overly resistant to the principles of lawful society.

Savages are one of the Races in the game Pyre. They are people ostracized for their deficiencies or differences in the Commonwealth, even prior to their sentencing.


Savages are a well-rounded class with balanced stats, similar to Nomads, but with a different moveset focused on jumps and flinging the orb. They must charge jumps briefly by holding down the button, only jumping when the button is released.


The first branch mainly improves flinging and offensive capabilites, the second branch improves jumps and sprints.


Tricks of the Rope-Caller

Mastery Icon Name Effect Position
Skill icon speed.png Heightened Reflex The brief charge up time before the savage jumps or sprints is virtually eliminated. Top
Skill icon evade.png Traitor's Flight The savage jumps and Power-Jumps faster than usual. Left
Skill icon sprint.png Webbed Feet While sprinting, the savage slows nearby adversaries. Right
Skill icon respawn.png False Step If the savage is banished while jumping, they shall instantly return at the origin of their jump. Bottom


The Grand Traitor's Learnings

Mastery Icon Name Effect Position
Skill icon cast.png Snap Cast The brief charge-up time before the savage can cast their Aura is greatly reduced. Top
Skill icon ball.png Quick Fling The savage flings the Orb faster and farther than usual. Left
Skill icon taunt.png Sudden Grasp When saluting their adversaries, the savage automatically leaps toward the Orb, if no one has it. Right
Skill icon special.png Dark Vigor While grasping the Orb, the savage sprints and jumps without using Stamina. Bottom

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