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Saps are a race of tree-like people.


Saps resemble humanoid trees, they have a wooden exterior and long, spindly legs. Saps are very long lived, and known for their ingenuity and ambition. They overcame their innate fear of fire and developed advanced technology, which they exchanged with the Commonwealth.


Rites Powers[]

  • Sprout: Spawns a sapling at a nearby location, which has its own Aura.
  • Shield: Channels a barrier that deflects adversaries' casted Auras back at them.
  • Blink: Vanishes underground, emerging further forward almost instantly.

Saps are a class purely focused on defense. Their shield ability blocks jumping and flying opponents, making them very good at countering Imps and Harps. Their cast is replaced by a stationary sapling with its own aura, useful for more defense around the pyre, or controlling the field. In particular the AI seems easily confused by saplings, planting a sapling over the orb is usually enough to stop the opposing AI from grabbing it.

Their slow speed makes them not very good at scoring, though Volfred's Scribe Trial talisman can turn him into a somewhat viable offensive option if you really want.


The first branch mostly improves the Sapling ability, the second branch improves defense and pyre health.


Legacies of Old Hundred-Minds

Mastery Icon Name Effect Position
Skill icon special.png Guardian Sapling When banished, spawn a Sapling near your Pyre until you return. Top
Skill icon aura.png Sturdy Sapling Your Sapling spawns faster and has a larger Aura. Left
Skill icon cast.png Unstable Sapling Grants the ability to remotely detonate your Sapling with Aura Burst. Right
Skill icon banishment.png Numbing Gust When you and your allies are banished, adversaries move slowly and cannot use abilities. Bottom


Grasp of the Philosopher

Mastery Icon Name Effect Position
Skill icon pyrehealth.png Final Kindling Once each Rite, if your Pyre is extinguished, it's restored by 10 instead (stacks with similar effects). Top
Skill icon evade.png Guardian Shield Your shield protects allies too instead of just yourself. Left
Skill icon respawn.png Steadfast Hope Grants a permanent +5 to Hope. Right
Skill icon pyrehealth.png Miracle Kindling Once each Rite, if your Pyre is extinguished, it's restored by 40 instead (stacks with similar effects). Bottom

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