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The Eight Scribes gave their freedom so that we may yet have ours.
~ Prayer from The Book of Rites

The Rites, also known as The Rites of Flame, are an ancient competition through which the worthiest exiles can return home, absolved of their transgressions. Rites take place at Celestial Landmarks.


Rites are conducted when the eight Scribe Stars align over a Celestial Landmark. Rites usually occur in cycles of several normal rites followed by one liberation rite.

To begin the rites, two of the nine Triumvirates need to arrive and make preparations: they must be dressed in raiments and each carry a copy of the Book of Rites. They must set their metal triumvirate sigil on the ground and recite the quoted prayer to consecrate the grounds.

If the preparations are successfully done, fire will rain down from the sky to set the pyres alight and a Celestial Orb will fall in the center. Each Triumvirate's goal is to douse the opponent's pyre with the orb. During the rite, the three members must act as a single mind: only one person may move at a time. Triumvirates are also allowed to have a Reader coordinate their actions. The rite is complete when one team's pyre is completely extinguished.

Liberation Rites[]

Liberation Rites are special rites conducted at the Fall of Soliam at the end of each cycle. The Nightwings will compete against the most successful triumvirate of the cycle, and no liberation rites are possible without the Nightwings.

Each triumvirate anoints one exile who is sufficiently enlightened to be eligible for ascension, the anointed member of the winning team is dressed in white and gold raiments and allowed to enter the Shimmer-pool, where they are carried up the waterfall.

The victor may willingly transfer their right to freedom to someone else. However, attempting to forcibly take the place of the victor causes death.


The rites were established by the Eight Scribes. After they defeated the last titan, Archbeast Sung-Gries, on top of Mount Alodiel, the Shimmer-Pool emerged from its eyes. But when the scribes received a vision of the rites, they chose to give up their freedom and create the rites so that other exiles have a chance to return home.