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The Pyrehearts are one of the Triumvirates in the game Pyre. Their sigil is a heart with a pyre erupting from it, and they are they fifth rival triumvirate you face. They are led by Sir Deluge and are first encountered at the Hulk of Ores.


"The Pyrehearts all follow in the path forged by the Underking Ores, whose many, mighty deeds exceeds the smallish stature that, somehow, contained him.

His is the most spirited triumvirate, their courage, unfaltering; their hearts, full. They live always with vigor, and, perhaps, they die with it as well. They are the Underking's own kind, as at home above the sea as in it, never ceasing, ever longing, as they do, for something more.

The Underking chose wisely for these qualities, and teaches that a life devoid of passion is a life devoid of life itself.

That burning passion is the fuel that drives the Pyrehearts, and, in turn, us all."

-The Book of Rites, Chapter VII, Page 137, In the Words of Ha'ub the Swallow, the Accursed

Volfred's Roster[]

A triumvirate of wyrm-knights, who perceive the Rites as great battles to be won.

Led by the wyrm Sir Deluge. He is a petty wyrm-knight of the Sea-Dominion, who somehow managed to survive countless battles.

Notes: Once known for their spirit and bravery, now a craven laughingstock.


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