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Pamitha Theyn
Pamitha sprite.png
The Guilty Sister
Astral Sign
Virdan (Means "Practical and Easygoing". Born on the 31st of Eighthmoon)
Years Exiled
Tamitha (sister)
Rukey (friend)
Bertrude (friend)
Voiced by
Sarah Elmaleh

Pamitha Theyn is a Harp, and the sister of Tamitha Theyn, leader of the Essence triumvirate. She was a part of the Talon squadron of the Highwing Remnants before she was exiled. She joins the Nightwings hoping for a chance to

Roster Bio[]

The Guilty Sister[]

She is an outcast of the winged Highwing Remnants, the Commonwealth's hated enemies.


If the Commonwealth fears anything at all, it is the Harps of the Highwing Remnants. She is clearly one of them, many of whom have been exiled as prisoners of war. She seems to have an unusually easygoing attitude toward things, though you sense she is in pain or in a state of turmoil over something...


She was a Talon ace of the Highwing Remnants, who possessed the talent of her sisters, but not their single-minded zeal. She grew weary of the fighting, and decided she would put an end to it. Thus, when a critical battle approached, the commonwealth was waiting, and her own blood-sister was among the Harps captured and clipped. She was more guilt-stricken by this than she expected. When she attempted to contact her blood-sister in exile, she was told that she could seek her firsthand, and was exiled, in turn.


Pamitha first appears before the first match with the Essence at the Nest of Triesta. Jodariel initially treats her with hostility, but Hedwyn accepts her into the Nightwings, because Sandalwood's orders are to find someone to fit every kind of mask. Pamitha then participates in the rite against the Essence. During the rite she tries to talk with her sister Tamitha, but the two get into a quarrel

At first, Pamitha acts very aloof. She has some kind of mental conditioning which lets her resist the Reader reading her mind. Eventually she reveals that she was responsible for Tamitha's exile, and feels guilty for it. She joined the Nightwings for the opportunity to talk to her and seek her forgiveness, but each time they confront the Essence, Tamitha refuses to hear her out and calls her a traitor. If Pamitha faces the Essence at a liberation rite, she silently pleads the Reader to let Tamitha prevail. However, her actions always remain loyal to the Nightwings.

If Pamitha is liberated, she contributes to the Plan, and is pardoned by the Highwing Remnants. Afterwards she travels abroad. If she is not liberated, she travels the Downside, staying in touch with friends who have remained. If she is not separated from Tamitha, she once more attempts to reconcile with her, but they end up in a fight and Pamitha gets a lasting injury.


For her masteries, see Harps.


  • Glory: 20
  • Quickness: 10
  • Presence: 7
  • Hope: 15

Pamitha's unique talisman is Triesta's Plume. It gives her +5 pyre damage and a 50% chance to not be banished if she flies into the opponent's pyre.