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The Shadow of the Past
Nightwings (formerly)
True Nightwings
Astral Sign
Lenoriel (Means "Devoted and Faithful". Born on the 10th of Eighthmoon)
Years Exiled
Ti'zo (friend)
Volfred ('kindred spirits')
Voiced by
Greg Kasavin

Oralech is the leader of the True Nightwings. He is a former exile of the Nightwings, betrayed and abandoned in his moment of glory.


He was repulsed by what he saw on the Bloodborder, which sowed in his heart a yearning for a greater peace. He tried to use his influence to negotiate a treaty with the Highwing Remnants, but not everyone was swayed. One day, he received direct orders to return to the front. When he refused to soil his hands again, they case him down. There, in time, he became affiliated with the Nightwings, and grew to become one of their finest RItes conductors, until tragedy struck, and he was left clinging to life at the foot of the sacred mountain.


Before his exile, Oralech was Chief-Physician of the Commonwealth. He was exiled after a failed attempt to negotiate peace with the Highwing Remnants, and refused to return to duty. In the Downside, he became a member of the Nightwings, along with Brighton, Erisa, and Ti'zo. At one point, Oralech mended Ti'zo's broken horn. Brighton was later liberated, and replaced with Volfred, who shared with them his Plan for revolution.

On the night Oralech was set to be liberated, Erisa pushed him off the peak of Mount Alodiel. Oralech was presumed dead, but against all odds, he managed to survive. He believes Volfred plotted his fall and that he was robbed of his rightful freedom.

Years later, he reappears, now fully transformed into a Demon. He has assembled a new Triumvirate, the True Nightwings, and challenges the Nightwings. His demeanor has become angry and bitter, and his dreams of peace replaced with only a desire for personal freedom.

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Oralech always challenges the Nightwings in the final Liberation Rite. If he wins, he goes to claim his freedom, but as he is about to leave, the Reader can either manipulate him or reach out to him. If you choose to manipulate him, the Reader mind controls Oralech and forces him to give up his freedom to the Reader. If you choose to reach out to him mentally, he realizes the truth and importance of the Plan, and offers his freedom to the Reader. The Reader either accepts or refuses.

If the Nightwings win, then the anointed pass on their freedom to the Reader, who can choose between the anointed, themself, or Oralech.

If Oralech is liberated by any means, he either joins in crowds in watching the Scribe's Return in the peaceful revolution, or acts as a field medic and saves many lives in the violent revolution. Later, he becomes Master-Physician in the Sahrian Union.

If Oralech is not liberated because he lost the Rite or because he was mind-controlled, he loses all hope and jumps off Mount Alodiel again. If he voluntarily gave up his freedom to the Reader, then he lives and goes to wander the Downside alone, eventually reuniting with the True Nightwings.

If Oralech and Volfred are not separated, they eventually make amends and are often seen together.


Oralech is only playable in Versus Mode. For his masteries, see Demons.


  • Glory: 25
  • Quickness: 20
  • Presence: 36
  • Hope: 1