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Nomads are one of the Races in the game Pyre. They are humans cast from the Commonwealth, and stripped of name, home, and title.


Nomads are basically humans, though never actually referred to as such in-game. "Nomad" specifically refers to those who have gone to the Downside, either by choice or by exile. They are said to share a common ancestor with Harps, descended from the ones outcast for being born wingless.

Nomads who survive in the Downside for long enough eventually transform into Demons.


Nomads are a flexible all-rounder class with balanced stats across the board and very standard abilities. Their cast has decent speed and range. With the right masteries they can specialize into an offensive or support role.


The first branch improves offense and scoring, the second branch grants Nomads team support abilities.


Marks of the Master-General:

Mastery Icon Name Effect Position
Skill icon speed.png Martial Training +50% Stamina Top
Skill icon cast.png Critical Strike Increases range and width of Aura while Power-Casting Left
Skill icon evade.png Shoulder Smash If Hedwyn jumps into airborne adversaries, he banishes them. Right
Skill icon pyrehealth.png Burning Resolve Recover up to 50% of damage dealt to enemy Pyre for your own. Bottom


Bonds of the Sahrian Legion:

Mastery Icon Name Effect Position
Skill icon stamina.png Shared Tenacity You and allies regenerate Stamina twice as fast. Top
Skill icon ball.png Moon Formation You and allies move more quickly with the Orb. Left
Skill icon respawn.png Sacred Bond You and your allies can instantly return banished allies by moving to where they were banished. Right
Skill icon banishment.png Divine Retribution Increases banished timer for adversaries by two seconds. Bottom

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