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The Nightwings are one of the original nine Triumvirates. Their sigil is a cresting moon.


While each of the Scribes had created a Triumvirate of their own, they needed a Triumvirate to be challenged that they may earn their freedom, thus creating the Nightwings. They were created in the Scribes' image, with one member of each race. The Nightwings were created with an unfair advantage in the Rites, with infinite favor from the Scribes, the only Triumvirate to be present at every Liberation Rite. Without the Nightwings, no one can be freed.

Old Nightwings[]

Long before the events of Pyre, the old Nightwings included Volfred Sandalwood, Ti'zo, Oralech, Erisa, and Brighton. Brighton was the first to regain his freedom, then Oralech. However, once Oralech was supposed to enter the Shimmer-Pool and return to the Commonwealth, Erisa betrayed him and entered herself, dying instantly. Oralech fell from Mount Alodiel and his body was never recovered. Volfred and Ti'zo parted ways, and the Nightwings were no more.

New Nightwings[]


Started by Volfred just before the events of Pyre, the Nightwings initially consisted of just Jodariel, Hedwyn, and Rukey, along with Tariq, though he does not participate in the Rites. After you are exiled from the Commonwealth, Hedwyn invites you to join them as their Reader. While travelling through Jomuer Valley, you find a stowaway, and the Vagabond Girl joins the Nightwings once you name her.


"What is a life without an adversary? If not for forces that conspire against the will, life would be devoid of its innateness, the desire to overcome.

Thus, when we the Eight at last each fashioned a triumvirate based on our own ideals, we realized a void still needed to be filled, as the night sky needs moonlight.

We Eight were united. Our triumvirates shared our affection. They needed us to set them all against a common foe.

Thus did we form the Nightwings, a triumvirate envisioned to exceed them all, both through means mortal and divine, and given undue favor in each turning of the cycle. They are the adversary we all face."

-The Book of Rites, Chapter VII, Page 145, In the Words of Ha'ub the Swallow, the Accursed

Volfred's Roster[]

The name of a triumvirate in blue. It seems your fellow exiles have assumed their identity. As Reader, you hold sway over the group.

Volfred Sandalwood is the head of the Nightwings. He is a long-standing exile of the Nightwings who seeks more than his own freedom.

Notes: Ours is the triumvirate against which all the others are judged.


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