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Never to Return is a song from Pyre, with vocals by Ashley Barrett and Darren Korb. It can be heard from the White Lute, which is found in the Blackwagon. It is also the theme played in-game during Liberation Rites.


You shall hear the hymn of the Liberation Rites.

OST Version Lyrics[]

By the Scribes, we gather in their names 

To face the Nightwings here before the flames 

A common foe for all to prove their claim 

Prevail for freedom or to fail in shame 

Who shall rise again? 

The will to overcome shall urge us on 

To brave injustice 'til the stars have gone 

The favor of the Scribes arrives at dawn 

Who shall rise again? 

Who lights the way for the aimless? 

Favor is for the true Scribe-blessed 

Exalted by the flame's ascent 

Only the purest heart repents 


Stars above, below the pyres burn 

Who shall remain, whose freedom shall be earned? 

To fly this prison never to return 

Never to return

Never to return

Never to return

Lyrical variations[]

When played in-game, the first two verses vary depending on which opposing triumvirate you face in the Liberation Rites. The version played during the rite against the True Nightwings has the same lyrics as the OST version.

The Accusers[]

By the Scribes, we gather in their names

The bold Accuser, steadfast in their aims

Those loyal few who serve Golathanian’s claim

Seek absolution in the pious flame

Who shall rise again? 

The hand of Gol brings justice to this place

To find redemption in the solemn race

To bear the burden of Golathanian’s grace

The Fate[]

By the Scribes, we gather in their names

For Many-Maned, the Fate defend his claim

Jomeur the Fearless One cannot be tamed

His faithful three bring honour to the Flame

Who shall rise again?

With discipline the order of the Mane

Preserve the glory of the Alpha’s reign

Their perseverance shall not be in vain

The Dissidents[]

By the Scribes, we gather in their names

The Dissidents stand firm against the flame

Conviction binds them in their common aim

Once disparate, in roves, they are the same

Who shall rise again?

Ha’ub who harbours those who’ve gone astray

The Cursed One who guides them on their way

Shall see them home before the light of day

The Withdrawn[]

By the Scribes, we gather in their names

Milithe the Molten sends her pyre aflame

The fearsome Three seek knowledge for their claim

The Withdrawn shall find the truth or leave in shame

Who shall rise again?

The Wild Witch uncovers all concealed

Her devotees in struggle never yield

‘Til all forbidden knowledge be revealed

The Pyrehearts[]

By the Scribes, we gather in their names

The Pyrehearts find courage in the flame

The passion of the Sea-Dominions aim

To bring unto the Underking his claim

Who shall rise again? 

Beneath the blue, old Ores plots his stand

His mighty deeds are known across the land

He shall not rest 'til victory’s at hand

The Essence[]

By the Scribes, we gather in their names

The blessed-born Triesta lays her claim

For her grace, the Essence fan the flames

And liberty shall be their only aim

Who shall rise again? 

These pious Three shall wear no earthly chains

The virtue of their Matriach remains

To free them from this unforgiving plane

The Chastity[]

By the Scribes, we gather in their names

Lu Sclorian, the Hundred-minds shall claim

The Chastity, in faith uphold his name

His humble Three seek wisdom in the flame

Who shall rise again?

The verses of the law have made it plain

For Sclorian, no question there remains

The virtuous shall victory attain

The Tempers[]

By the Scribes, we gather in their names

For Soliam Murr, the Tempers lay his claim

The horned king, repentant in his aim

To show his flock the mercy of the flame

Who shall rise again?

The virtue that the Tempers must attain

The strong and gentle shall be both entwained

And snuff the Pyre like a summer rain

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