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Molten Milithe, known as the Wild Witch, and the Crone Scribe of the eight Scribes. She wields the legendary lantern, Flame of the First Hag.

Molten Milithe wrote the third chapter of the Book of Rites.


Molten Milithe spent many a year draining the life essence out of living, writhing things, eventually sparing them mortal agony when she found it appropriate -- and all in the name of research. As expected, she was deemed "Witch" and exiled to the Downside, where she met Soliam Murr, and the two soon enough had a mutual understanding of one another. The Demon then sent her to explore and archive all the findings she could procure from these new lands they found themselves in.

Upon her travels, she tracked down the star-titan, Yslach Astral-born; an ancient one whom had tasted despair from all forms of life as it traversed the cosmos, and then laid there tending it's wounds in a loathsome pit. The abhorrent creature could deter all lesser kind with but a glance strangling their sanity. But this did not stop Molten Milithe. She cast a binding spell upon the titan, and another, and then another, until a hundred spells of binding had fallen upon it and rendered it useless. It was with Yslach's shimmering hide that Milithe bound the very Book of Rites itself.

She made herself a valuable asset to the Scribes, and served as a contrast to the Underking Ores; always understating when retelling events whereas the Wyrm overstated. She was fearless. Perhaps so fearless that she rivaled Gol Golathanian himself. In the face of the dark, the horrid, and the unknown, while her comrades quivered, the Crone Scribe never flinched.

Upon the creation of the Nine Triumvirates, Molten Milithe formed The Withdrawn -- though not known if they were her kin, her worshipers, or others entirely, she chose only the most curious minds to be a part of her triumvirate. Ones who would not rest until they knew everything there was to know about the lands they so tirelessly studied. And even then, they would persevere, reaching deeper and deeper plains of consciousness and understanding.

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