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Lu Sclorian, known as Hundred-Minds, and the Sap Scribe of the eight Scribes. He wields the legendary staff, the Genealogy of Sclorian.

Lu Sclorian wrote the fourth chapter of the Book of Rites.


Seeing the root-titan Limbless Arizech befoul the serenity of Wakingwood, the usually pacifistic Sap Scribe lifted his ancient staff, filled with the might of his entire heritage, and reduced the titan to a mere speck. Instead of destroying the seed of Arizech, Lu Sclorian instead chose to grow the forest around it, thus the titan's influence was cast off instead of forgotten.

Upon the creation of the Nine Triumvirates, Lu Sclorian formed The Chastity. They exist to respect and uphold the laws governing the liberation cycle. Those in this triumvirate are emissaries of this cycle, and the ones who are liberated shall spread enlightenment itself, so all shall grow.

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