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Khaylmer Rope-Caller was a companion of Soliam Murr's before the fall of the Empire.


Khaylmer Rope-Caller held a prestigious position in the Empire, as the elder and most-trusted aide of the Emperor of Sahr, Soliam Murr. When there came rumors of a treasure called the Celestial Orb, Khaylmer urged the Emperor to chase after it, to leave all his duties behind and seek legendary status. So began the fall of the country, and a golden opportunity for Khaylmer Rope-Caller. In Soliam Murr's absence, he took the throne, and sent all numbers of those who served the Empire to find that most awful Emperor, and slay him.

But time passed, and Soliam Murr still lived, and had taken with him the Master-General that was sent in search of him. So Khaylmer journeyed into the Downside to search for them himself. Their paths were fated to remain apart. For he wore the Tattered Mantle passed down for generations from the First Empress. The living Mantle, which normally whispered wisdom, shouted in protest in the Downside. The Rope-Caller retreated to a nearly untouched isle out at sea, and the Mantle -- of it's own volition -- joined with the local Imps. Then and there was the Imp Titan born, and embraced Khaylmer to his end.

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