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An alpha-chief that united the curs under a single banner and charted half the known world.

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Jomuer Many-Mane, known as the Alpha-Chief, and the Cur Scribe of the eight Scribes. He wields the legendary jawblade, Kneebender.

Jomuer Many-Mane wrote the second chapter of the Book of Rites.


The cunning cur that he was, he once set a trap for the hive-titan Bialanthius in the valley, and crushed the titan with 16,000 tons of beetle dung. How he acquired so much of it, he refused to tell even his close comrades. Despite the mystery surrounding this feat, the Underking Ores gained a greater admiration of the Cur Scribe for this victory.

Upon the creation of the Nine Triumvirates, Jomuer Many-Mane formed The Fate under the bylaws of his ancestors. They, as well as he, believed in a natural order of things, and prioritized faith, discipline, and honor. His triumvirate originally accepted only curs like him, but as The Fate were to be of open-mind, he allowed his mind and his Fate to be open to anyone of any race or ethnic group.

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