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Jodi sprite.png
The Fallen Soldier
Astral Sign
Capriast (Means "Ambitious but also discontented". Born on the 23rd of Twelfthmoon)
Years Exiled
Hedwyn (Adopted Son)
Rukey Greentail (Friend)
Voiced by
Kristin Wilson Cotton

Jodariel is an exile and a member of the Nightwings triumvirate. She is the most imposing of the three masked wanderers who found you clinging to life.

Roster Bio[]

She is a grim, longtime resident of the Downside, grown accustomed to surviving there.


She seems to be responsible for the blackwagon's security. Her features suggest she has lived in exile for much longer than the others. Her grim outlook and the fact that she still wears the bronze clasp of the Commonwealth Bloodborder suggest a military background, though what she did to earn her sentence you do not yet know.


She was a seasoned captain serving on the Bloodborder, and she fostered the orphans of her fallen brothers and sisters. One day, she captured a flock of Harp fledglings who had flown too close to the Commonwealth. When she was given the order to put them down, she refused, and thus was sentenced to exile. There, she survived on her own, and gained her horns. Many years later, she encountered Hedwyn, whom she last remembered as one of the children she had in her care.


Jodariel appears from the very beginning of the game, she is one of the three masked exiles who find the Reader.

When the Nightwings come across the Moontouched Girl, Jodariel is the one to take her in and welcomes her. She becomes very protective and close to the girl.

When Pamitha joins the Nightwings, Jodariel is initially distrustful of her, due to her past fighting the Highwing Remnants. They eventually learn to get along and trust each other.

Jodariel reveals her history to the Reader on the 16th anniversary of her exile. She doubts that she made a difference as a Captain on the Bloodborder, and admits that if she were faced with the same choice to save the young Harps again, she might not choose the same outcome.

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If Jodariel is liberated, she joins Volfred's agents and help them further the plan. If the ending is a peaceful revolution, the people of the Commonwealth believe she is Soliam Murr reborn. If there is a violent revolution, she uses her military experiences to obtain key victories in the subsequent conflicts. In either case, she continues training, and conscripts a volunteer group that maintain public safety in the new Sahrian Union.

If Jodariel is not liberated, she returns to the Downside Prarie and help to improve living conditions there.

If Ignarius and Jodariel are both liberated or both remain in exile, they end up living together.


For her masteries, see Demons.


  • Glory: 30
  • Quickness: 6
  • Presence: 25
  • Hope: 9

Jodariel's unique talisman is Soliam's Horn. It allows her to casts her Aura father and faster than usual.


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