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Stand between the imp and its appetite if you wish to be eaten.
~ Downside proverb

Imps are one of the Races in Pyre. Ravenous creatures indigenous to the Downside, a scant few of which possess a higher intellect.


Imps are winged creatures with batlike wings and horns, they communicate in screeches and chirps. Typical Imps are small, though some can grow to a massive size.

Imps vary in intelligence, some only have the intelligence of wild animals, while others are fully sentient and able to communicate with people. Exiles in the Downside have learned to train Imps for useful tasks, like delivering messages and powering wagons.

The Imps on the Isle of Khaylmer have an odd fascination with the Rites. They've even constructed an arena somehow, and will exchange currency with participants of the Rites for spectacle.


Rites Powers[]

  • Implode: Detonates his Aura around him, banishing himself in the process.
  • Flutter: Flutters up to evade adversaries' Auras. Hold to flutter longer.
  • Zip: Zips quickly forward, one skip at a time.

Imps are a quick offensive class. Their quick movement and ability to fly over auras make it easy for them to get past opponents and into their pyre, but their low Glory means they don't score as many points. Their Implode ability banishes opponents in a huge area.


The first branch gives Imps team support abilities that complement Implode, the second branch improves their scoring abilities and offensive power.


Secrets of the Accursed Imp[]

Mastery Icon Name Effect Position
Skill icon speed.png Elusive Nature While fluttering or zipping, the imp moves much faster than usual. Top
Skill icon respawn.png Safe Return After casting his Implode ability, the imp returns much faster than usual. Left
Skill icon banishment.png Titans' Rage Ti'zo's Implode ability can banish adversaries in a much wider area. Right
Skill icon pyredamage.png Inner Glory The imp deals an additional 10 Glory when dousing the adversary's Pyre. Bottom


Flights of the Swallow[]

Mastery Icon Name Effect Position
Skill icon special.png Moon Sign If banished, the imp drops a Moon Sign allies can instantly transport to from their Pyre. Top
Skill icon aura.png Last Laugh If banished, the imp automatically casts their Implode ability, if they do not possess the Orb. Left
Skill icon taunt.png Wild Heart When saluting their adversaries, the imp turns into a fast-moving Howler, or back. Right
Skill icon special.png Star Sign If banished, the imp drops an improved Moon Sign that boosts allies' speed and Stamina. Bottom

Known Imps[]

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