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Ha'ub the Swallow, known as the Accursed, and the Imp Scribe of the eight Scribes. He possesses the legendary Wings of Misfortune.

Ha'ub the Swallow wrote the seventh chapter of the Book of Rites.


Finding the fallen Emperor of Sahr near-death in a river, Ha'ub nursed him back to health and warmed him of the dangers that sought him at this very moment. Instead, they were found by Gol Golathanian whom joined them instead of fought them. And so the Imp Scribe set out with these two across the lands of the Downside.

Among the Scribes, Ha'ub was perhaps the bravest whenst face-to-face with one of the Greater Titans. Shax Six Shoulders spread a flame and plague across the valley where he sat like a withered husk. With the other Scribes watching in awe, Ha'ub dove into the bone-titan's gaping maw, and Shax swiftly suffocated on the tiniest creature, his coughs shaking the very ground he rest on. His corpse disintegrated, leaving Ha'ub victorious and unharmed.

Upon the creation of the Nine Triumvirates, Ha'ub formed The Dissidents based from one phrase: "Those who do not belong, belong." Imps like Ha'ub weren't expected to be more than ravenous, unintelligent creatures incapable of much more than scarfing down berries and mushrooms. And so the Dissidents were created to never be discarded, underestimated, or dismissed.

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