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Gol Golathanian, known as the Master-General, and the Nomad Scribe of the eight Scribes. He wields the legendary tower shield, Oathtaker.

Gol Golathanian wrote the first chapter of the Book of Rites.


He once served Soliam Murr, and was one of many whom hunted Soliam down under the charge of the then new ruler, Khaylmer Rope-Caller. He'd heard that Soliam had perished in a river, but he couldn't celebrate just yet. He had to ensure he was dead. But the man he found was so unlike his emperor -- starved, bloody, horns sprouting from his head. He was twix-and-tween the world of the living and the dead. Gol's love for Soliam proved so strong that he had mercy on him, and helped to save the poor demon. He and Ha'ub saw him back to health, and stood alongside him as a new trio of exiles. They set out to travel the Downside together.

Sometime in the future, Gol single-handedly felled the serpent-titan Gandroth. Nary the strongest nor bravest stood fearless against Gandroth, except Gol. He was the first. He dodged every attack the titan threw at him, and sent Gandroth's fury back at him with his tower-shield, leaving the beast but a stone statue in his fearsome image.

Upon the creation of the Nine Triumvirates, Gol Golathanian formed The Accusers. Named after one of the most accomplished legions from his military days, they were clad in raiments of gold, much like the armor of those soldiers, and formed on the values of justice, loyalty, and steadfastness. They are to seek out the truest spirits with the strongest sense of purpose to fill out their ranks.

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