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Falcon Ron
Falcon ron sprite.png
Papi (father)
Voiced by
Ben Costa

Falcon Ron runs the Slugmarket in the game Pyre. He is a traveling sales-creature and proprietor of the Downside Slugmarket.


Falcon Ron is an slug-like creature native to the downside, he carries a slug and rides around on his Papi's back. He is harmless, if rather creepy and generally unsettling to be around. Somehow, he manages to always stay ahead of the Nightwings and set up shop beforehand, even inside Scribesgate. He admits that you are his main source of business. In a random event he asks the Nightwings if he can hitch a ride, if they agree, his sheer annoyingness causes everyone to lose Hope temporarily.

Rukey and Falcon Ron were once business partners, back when Rukey smuggled goods to the Downside. After the Rites end, Falcon Ron has to close up shop, but he finds a lucrative new business opportunity trading trinkets with the Sahrian Union.

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