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The Essence is one of the Triumvirates in the game Pyre. Their sigil is a closed eye with 3 tears, and they are the sixth rival triumvirate you meet. They are led by Tamitha Theyn and are first encountered at the Nest of Triesta.


"The winged members of the Essence, each chosen by the Matriarch, Triesta Tithis, are living exemplars of liberty and piety. Would that my wings could be thus!

Once, you of course must know, we all had wings. It is said the men and women of the Empire relinquished theirs, drawn in by earthly matters, as they were. But the harps, such as Triesta, held tight the liberty their plumage could afford.

These divergent paths did cause a share of differences between the winged and the wingless, over time. But here, in this land, our purposes are shared, our goals, united.

That, then, is the Essence. That is who they are, and what, and why."

-The Book of Rites, Chapter VII, page 139, In the Words of Triesta Tithis, The Blessed-Born

Volfred's Roster[]

A triumvirate of winged Harps, harboring a deep hatred for the Commonwealth.

Led by the harp Tamitha Theyn. She is a vengeful tactician of the Highwing Remnants, who plot the Commonwealth's ruin.

Notes: Prisoners of war whose hatred for the Commonwealth runs deep.


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