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The Dissidents is one of the Triumvirates in the game Pyre. Their sigil is a skull, and they are the third rival triumvirate that you meet. They are led by Barker Ashpaws and are first encountered at the Cairn of Ha'ub.


"I, myself, Ha'ub, did form the Dissidents, under this simple tenet: Those who do not belong, belong.

The other Scribes, some of them showed, at first, reluctance to allow an imp (and one accursed) to designate one of the nine triumvirates. But Murr, the horned one, stubborn as he was, stood by my side.

In time, they came to understand. For I remained, as ever, at their side, a living bit of proof of their absurdity.

The Dissidents are an extension of my oddity. Those who do not adhere... they are not to be discarded, underestimated, or dismissed. They are as necessary as are those against whom they rebel."

-The Book of Rites, Chapter VII, page 133, In the Words of Ha'ub the Swallow, the Accursed

Volfred's Roster[]

A triumvirate of anarchists who conduct the Rites for sheer thrill.

Led by the cur Barker Ashpaws. He is a trouble-making cur who thrills in the defeat of the triumvirates that stand against him.

Notes: Chaotic firebrands, unconcerned about what is at stake in all of this.


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