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All are welcome here, save demons such as you.
~ From the Sentencing of Chief-Physician Oralech

Demons are one of the Races in Pyre. They are humans who have survived in the Downside for long enough to undergo a physical transformation.


For an unknown reason, humans begin to transform into demons after living in the Downside for a long enough time. The transformation takes place after approximately 10 years of exile. No similar affliction is shown to affect other non-human races.

The transformation causes the Demon to grow large horns, claws, hooves, and markings on their skin. Their voice becomes distorted, and they gain even more strength and survivability. If a Demon leaves the Downside, their transformation gradually reverts.

There is a tradition of Demons changing their names after their transformation. Ignarius supposedly took on a new name, it is unknown if Jodariel had changed her name.


Demons are slow but powerful in the Rites. They have a large aura and high glory, but low speed and respawn time. Their cast is wide-ranged but fairly slow. They're suited for defense, but can also make a powerful offense that barrels through adversaries and score a large amount of points.


The first mastery branch increases the offensive power of Demons, the second mastery branch focuses on defense.

DemonLeftMasteryIcon.png Sins of the Fallen Emperor

Mastery Icon Name Effect Position
Skill icon sprint.png Long Stride After using Rush, Rush again. Top
Skill icon evade.png Crushing Heel When landing following a jump, stun adversaries and make them drop the Orb. Left
Skill icon taunt.png Brazen Manner After saluting adversaries, for seven seconds, deal 10 extra damage to their Pyre. Right
Skill icon ball.png Celestial Spike Fling the Orb at adversaries to banish them. Bottom


Boons of the First Exile

Mastery Icon Name Effect Position
Skill icon stamina.png Relentless Vigor Recover all Stamina after banishing an adversary. Top
Skill icon aura.png Fierce Presence +4 Presence (permanent), increasing Aura size. Left
Skill icon pyrehealth.png Enduring Flame Gain 35+ Pyre at the beginning of a Rite. Right
Skill icon banishment.png Greater Banishment Banned adversaries take 30% longer to return. Bottom

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