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The alpha-chiefs would later say their kind went soft no sooner than they joined the Commonwealth.

Curs is one of the Races in the game Pyre.


Swift, dog-like creatures known for their loyalty, optimism, and appreciation for the simple things.


Curs are fast, but don't hit very hard. They have small presence, very large quickness, and a medium glory and hope. Their cast is thin and fast, almost instant if they cast with a power cast. They are very powerful offense characters as they are very quick, and with certain masteries can jump up to 3 times or respawn after plunging without a talisman. They don't deal a large amount of damage with only a glory of 15 (or 20 with a mastery), but they deal it very fast.


The first branch focuses on speed and avoidance, increasing number of jumps up to 3, and massively increasing speed. The second branch focuses on increasing damage done to the pyre and to banishing.


Maneuvers of Many-Mane[]

Mastery Icon Name Effect Position
Skill icon evade.png Cloud Jump The cur can jump a second time while airborne. Top
Skill icon sprint.png Lightning Run When sprinting, the cur accelerates faster than usual to an even faster top speed. Left
Skill icon respawn.png Lucky Break After he is banished by an adversary, the cur has a 50% chance to return in only 1 sec. Right
Skill icon evade.png Moon Sault The cur can jump a second or third time while airborne. Bottom


Traits of the Alpha Chief[]

Mastery Icon Name Effect Position
Skill icon pyredamage.png Glory Dive The cur deals an additional 5 Glory when plunging into the adversary's Pyre. Top
Skill icon cast.png Keen Eye Rukey casts his Aura +50% farther than usual. Left
Skill icon banishment.png Explosive Temper When the cur banishes adversaries by casting his Aura, the blast can banish nearby adversaries. Right
Skill icon special.png Guiding Light After plunging into the adversary's Pyre, the cur soon returns, rather than remaining banished. Bottom

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