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Celeste, The Gate Guardian
Celeste sprite.png
Voiced by
Kristin Wilson (speaking)

Ashley Barrett (singing)

Celeste, The Gate Guardian is a minstrel who presides over the Liberation Rites.


Celeste is first encountered at the Scribesgate upon the Nightwings' ascent up to Mount Alodiel. The Lone Minstrel calls her by her name. At the Scribesgate, she bids each exile to state who they are and their purpose for crossing the Scribesgate.

Her duties are to watch over the Liberation Rites and liberation ceremony. She chastises participants who break the rules or commit blasphemy. During the Liberation Rites she performs Never to Return with Tariq.

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When the Rites ended, she and Tariq chronicled the events of the cycle in song, then disappeared, never to be seen again. The lyrics of Bound Together suggests that they returned to the stars, where they belong.


Celeste carries a mandolin. She is ancient, at least as old as the Rites. Compared to Tariq, she is more serious about her duties and treating the Rites with the utmost respect.


  • "Go forth with glory."