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Archjustice dream.png
Archjustice Androbeles IX
The Voice
Nightwings (formerly)
Voiced by
Logan Cunningham

Brighton, also known as Archjustice Androbeles IX, is the grand judge and figurehead ruler of the Commonwealth, as well as the Voice heard during the rites.


Brighton was once a member of the Nightwings, acting as their reader. Once claiming victory during a liberation rite, he returned to the Commonwealth where he took on the mantle of Archjustice Androbeles IX, becoming the Voice the reader hears during the rites.

Before he was exiled, he was the son of a middle-class family in the Commonwealth. Once returning to the Commonwealth, he upheld their tradition of oppression, including the literacy ban.


Due to the fact that he had been the previous reader for the Nightwings before Volfred Sandalwood, Brighton believes that he has the best interpretation of the Book of Rites.

Initially, he dislikes the Reader, claiming that you don't understand the Scribes, but after a few victories, he begrudgingly warms up to you. This changes, however, once he realizes that you are involved with Sandalwood's Plan.

He claims you have no respect for the traditions and the teachings of the Scribes. By reading the book, you learn that the Scribes meant for Commonwealth to be the exact opposite of its current state, the system which Brighton upholds. The literacy ban was not meant to exist and the Rites were meant to be an experience of personal growth to select the worthy of leading their new society.

As the Plan nears its fruition, he becomes more enraged, and makes more disparaging comments about the exiles, but ultimately he is powerless to stop you, and he can only continue presiding over the Rites. After the revolution he is overthrown, and his ultimate fate is unknown.


  • "Now normally I would wish you a shameful defeat... but this time I wish you a little bit of luck." - said before your battle with the Withdrawn.
  • "Reader. The commonwealth, your home, is aflame- much like a stack of burning books. Aflame because of you, because of your outlandish plan!"