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The Blackwagon is the main vehicle used throughout Pyre. It has three modes, Standard, Nautical, and Aerial, which allows it to traverse over the Land, Sea, and Air respectively. From time to time, different items will appear in your Wagon - some which you acquire as various keepsakes.

List of items[]

Name Description Subtext
Bertrude's Decks Unusual etched cards, depicting the Greater Titans. probably for curses and enchantments. Shows Bertrude's Status
Beyonder Crystal A shimmering crystal inscribed with glyphs beyond your understanding Shows Sandra's Status
Book of Rites An ancient manuscript that chronicles the legends of the Downside, and a mystic path to freedom. None
Canvas Wings The blackwagon is flight-capable, though by which means you do not fully grasp as yet. A keepsake from Moonlight Alcove
Downside Clinger Yields fruit from time to time, though only if one says the magic word. A keepsake from Downside Prairie
Flagging Fungus Occasionally produces foul-tasting mushrooms that are strangely satisfying to pluck from it. A keepsake from Flagging Hands
Greentail Family Portrait A reasonable likeness of a younger Rukey, with his mother and uncle. Shows Rukey's Status
Hedwyn's Cooking Tins What passes for cooking supplies in the Downside. Hedwyn does most of the cooking Shows Hedwyn's Status
Jodi's Throw Rug Fashioned from a Howler's hide; sens their ild a clear message. Jodariel says not to step on it. Shows Jodariel's Status
Magma Mug Provides a bit of warmth on cold nights, and something at which to nod and stare. A keepsake from Black Basin
Nautical Bell Among the blackwagon's seafaring equipment. Hedwyn uses it to signal when food is ready. A keepsake from Big Bertrude's
Nightwings Sigil A symbol representing your triumvirate is set in the wagon's floorboards. It is very heavy. None
Old Raiments Colorful robes and ceremonial masks adorn one of the wagon's walls. None
Pamitha's Moonshine Kept close at hand in the off chance of a good occasion, or a very bad one. Shows Pamitha's Status
Riverfrost So cold, it can burn the skin, but keeps the wagon cool, and food fresher, longer. A keepsake from Sclorian Shore
Scribecatcher The bundles of sticks Vagabond Girl insisted on hanging in the rafters. She believes it brings good fortune. Shows Vagabond Girl's Status
Silver Cudgelhead A limbless, cold-blooded creature rescued from the sea. It is fully grown, and has led a rich life. A keepsake from Wyrm Gulf.
Singing Sands The so-called singing is the sound of countless screeching wheel-mites. A keepsake from Jomuer Valley
Sir Gilman's Crest Official certification of knighthood in the Commonwealth, oft-sought by wrym-knights. Shows Sir Gilman's Status
Solishell The sparkly thing in its center is, in fact, its heart, which it airs out from time to time.
Only a monster would attempt to remove the heart (or would have the strength).
A keepsake from the Sea of Solis.
Tiny Tempest Entertaining, but would unlead calamity if ever it were to be unbottled. A keepsake from Deathless Tempest
Tizio's Nest Various scraps and thing laced together with bits of ribbon and fabric, topped off with a plush fish. Shows Ti'zo's Status
Volfred's Planner Volfred maintains a detailed summary of your progress through the Rites. Shows Volfred's Status
Wakingwood Wisps The wisps inside provide a scarce bit of light when it is needed, all for a low monthly fee. A keepsake from Black Basin
White Lute The Lone Minstrel Tariq's musical intrument, with which he chronicles great deeds through song. Shows Tariq's Status
Xylobones Would that we all could become musical instruments ere our bones turn to dust A keepsake from Jomuer Valley.


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