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Black Basin is a region in the Downside. A land of black glass, searing vapor, and strangling forests. It is the single largest region in the Downside. The territory is claimed and patrolled by exiled harps.

Book of Rites Description[]

The continent we called Black Basin shall one day tear itself apart. Arriving upon blackened molten crags, tolerable only by the harp Triesta, we pressed onward toward a suffocating wood. This land felt to us somehow primordial. Deep in its roots and noxious crevasses lay innumerable clues as to its ancient history. But we had little time to excavate, for our supplies, by then, were thin. Further, we were lost. Our best attempts at circumnavigation all had failed. It was Lu Sclorian who reached out at last, unto the stars, and they revealed the way. Then, we at last could see the sacred Mount Alodiel, there, in the distance.


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